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Since 1995, SR Wedding World namely called as Sri Rajaganapathy Wedding World involved in invitation card business along with few other sales business under one roof. In the year of 2000, an dedicated printing press or in other words offset printing office is been started for supporting the invitation card business. Since considering the potential of this business and growth of our selfalong with development of Dindigul town which becomes a corporation in recent times, we had started a dedicated showroom in the year of 2004 which deals only for invitation cards which includes all the kind of invitations, for all kind of traditional functions& celebrations with an affordable price for sustaining in this competitive market. Since the showroom is dedicated for wide range `of the invitation cards, we are dealing with major invitation card suppliers in Tamilnadu and other few states in India. Our Motto is to provide a complete service of Invitation cards as per customer requirements with no compromise in quality along with printing services under one roof with affordable price.


As we all know that Invitations are not only a window for inviting our near and dears, but it also an esteem and a humble request to solicit everybody to the celebration to make the day so memorable. Keeping this in mind, we always wish to provide a valuable design with the best quality invitation cards for all kind of functions & celebrations such as wedding invitations, house warmings, baby shower, turmeric bath function etc., Off course on the other hand the collection consists of a wide range of varieties with a reasonable pricing, so that one may feel that they are at right place.

wedding Cards
wedding Cards
wedding Cards


Apart from Invitation cards, we have a dedicated office for printing were a customer need not to search for a separate printing offset press after invitation card purchase. We believe that, this may make a convenient environment to finish the overall wedding card purchase and printing under one roof. We follow best in class printing technology were can handle single colour offset printing, multi-colour offset printing and screen printing. Even though we serve for all kind of printings such as notice, bill books, ledger books, tokens/tickets etc., we believe our self as specialist in invitation card printings since we have unique scripts for different kind of functions & celebrations and also delivering customised scripts as per customer’s wish.

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